Happy 100th Anniversary Cosmopolitan Club International
Happy 100th Anniversary Cosmopolitan International!
Cosmopolitan International celebrates its 100th anniversary today, March 12.  On this date in 1918 our founder, Patrick J. Hodgins, saw the very first Cosmopolitan club chartered in Kansas City, Missouri.  Soon after, several more clubs were chartered in Missouri and Kansas, and the first federation then was off to a strong start.  
Today, much has changed within Cosmopolitan.  In the years since 1918, diabetes has been adopted as our cause, and women have been admitted to our ranks.  And yet, much remains unchanged in our beloved organization, perhaps most notably that Cosmopolitan continues to embrace unity, service, and action as our cornerstone principles.
As we celebrate this milestone anniversary, let us look back in gratitude to our founding leaders for their dedication in building a club with the timeless principles that continue to strengthen and define us today.  And to all Cosmopolitans, thank you for the work you do everyday in service to others.  May we remain strong and committed to serving our fellow citizens for the next 100 years and beyond.